The Good Life has gone Gold!
Haarlem, The Netherlands ?9 October 2012- Videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive and game development studio immersionFX Games announce that their Tropical Paradise Simulation The Good Life for PC/Mac has reached goldmaster status and has entered manufacturing. The release date of The Good Life is now set on Friday the 2nd of November 2012 across Europe and on worldwide digital portals. Iceb...
Iceberg going Tropical!
Haarlem, The Netherlands 6 August 2012 Longing for, or back to, that permanent sunny weather and that luxurious resort? Considering retiring early and moving to a tropical paradise? InThe Good Life you get all that - and more. The Good Life is a hybrid game that combines ship simulation, time management and tycoon elements, set on a fictitious tropical island complex with luxurious hotels, villas,...
More teaser pictures
Exciting moments ahead! The first beta demo is ready and is on its way to the publishers. Expect a teaser video to come out from this website in a couple of days. Our demo will participate in this contest, expect a full coverage soon. Until then, some more pictures: The Jo Jo islands complex The big city area The city at night Powerboat ride Old-movie styl...
Teaser pictures of the game world
Here are early preview screenshots of the Ancient Area of the game world. This area is a touristic attraction spot that the NPC customers would ask you (the player) to take them to. It represents only a fraction of the entire game world, which is composed of luxurious places as well as humble tropical villages. The physical surroundings play a big role in setting the tone and mood of th...
Postmortem: “Days of Sail: Wind over Waters” (1st)
In the recent HGDA conference held in Greece at 9 and 10 of October, immersionFX Games was invited to participate and talk for its upcoming title, Days of Sail 2: Venture, and therefore I had to prepare a speech. As it turned out, the presentation that was picked up was full of nostalgic references to our first title, Days of Sail: Wind over Waters but it also contained some, presumably...

Our second collaboration with Pedro Camacho

Posted By: admin on April 8, 2008 in News - Comments:

Pedro Camacho is a very talented music composer. This year was his breakthrough year after being the winner of IGF 2008 (with Audiosurf) and the composer of the successful Fury.

Already among Pedro’s greatest fans after the wonderful collaboration we had in Days of Sail, we really had no other option but to work with him again for our second game, CrimeCity.

CrimeCity’s score contains three music tracks:

Sirens of Hope, the main menu track, is bold and menacing, yet at times can be playful or even melancholic.

Chasing rats, is the action score that accompanies the gameplay. The percussive sounds throughout this score add magnificently to the prominent noiresque style of the game, perfectly matching the pace of the gameplay.

But Pedro also knows well how to compose melodic themes in-between that are strong enough to compel the listener to press the repeat button. My Hometown, the melodic piece that rus through the tutorial mode is a perfect example of a more laid back and more subtle cue with a change of pace from the pounding action music.

All in all, the new CrimeCity soundtrack is a true orchestral score that is guaranteed to put you in the mood of the game. Check out the three inspiring tracks at the game’s website.

Thanks once again Pedro for this magnificent piece of work, wishing for more to come!